Why Choose PPG


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” I would have liked not to contradict Margaret Mead in the matter but the converse is observed in the making of Public Policy. More often than not a large group of ill informed and incentive men influence the design of public scheme in a constitutional governance.

My family’s affinity and proximity to politics due to my fathers passion for people has given me the opportunity to learn first-hand how people understand and perceive government schemes and manifesto. Shockingly most do not.

There is an appalling gap of intellect and awareness among the public and the policy makers. The knowledge is often limited to information provided by media houses and by private sectors; biased policies of greater good are propagated for financial gain. We may say we have ourselves to blame for the long period of ignorance by it is a failure of policy to have us uneducated which has lead to an evolution of blind acceptance. We should as here ‘Are we being kept in the dark by greater powers?’

During research for my project “Effectiveness of Moringa oleifera in Treatment of Water and Post Treatment Recommendations”. I was to collect samples from sources in rural areas proximal to my college this resulted in my interaction with the residents. I discovered though they lived only a few miles away from a city there was a lack of knowledge of health care and pension. Further discussion and probing I realised that aids for an illiterate farmer in opening a bank account, accessing his welfare schemes – free check ups, proper nutrition were being exploited!

As a Civil Engineering graduate I am aware of the numerous policies that companies contract with public sectors. Well scrutinised and structured schemes. Building the nations roads, schools, hospitals, improving our infrastructure. These protocols are benefiting of the corporate many a time; And here is a lesson to learn. This is possible because of the educated and understood liaison from the side. Literacy is key.

From the Graduate Certificate in Public Policy Course I aim to equip myself academically to deduce public policy. We are all “experts” on a closed room. I hope to posses significant knowledge to edify masses, much needed; and look beyond bias and cynicism. View it in a realistic setup to understand the multi-level risk and contribution. I would hope for this to aid my further studies in public policy and lay foundation to a greater platform for my future as a policy maker.